Where I Left My Soul - Jérôme Ferrari

Where I Left My Soul

By Jérôme Ferrari

  • Release Date: 2014-06-03
  • Genre: Literary


A tale of two torturersâ??Where I Left My Soul is a powerful exploration of guilt and identity in the savagery of the Algerian War. Captain Andre Degorce is reunited with Lieutenant Horace Andreani, with whom he experienced the horrors of combat and imprisonment in Vietnam. Captives now pass from the Captainâ??s hands into Andreani's: one-time victims have become torturers. Andreani has fully embraced his new status, but Degorce has lost all sense of himself, only finding peace when he is with Tahar, a commander in the National Liberation Army. Taharâ??s cell now acts as a confessional for Andreani, with the jailor opening up to his prisoner.